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Monday, December 11, 2017

The Amazing Spiderman – A Transmedia Experience

the amazing spider-man-iedIn occasion of the italian launch of the feature film “The Amazing Spiderman”, reboot of the movie directed by Sam Raimi, a transmedia project was projected and developed as the degree work of 13 young media designers attending the European Institute of Design of Rome, Italy. Coordinated by Max Giovagnoli, students resharped the imagery of the movie and declined his icon in two ways: using classical art masterpieces, and historically relevant photos to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Spider-man. Photos have been used as user generated contents in the official campaign of the movie on social network profiles and fan pages. Then, the team projected a paper toy downloadable from the web and ready-to-be customized and viralized in urban spaces in Rome. Finally, they created a videomapping video experience, metaphorically describing the amazing duel between Spider-man and the villain of the movie: Lizard. The names of the young media and sound designers, are: Giulia Graziosi, Andrea Iannelli, Antonio Labbro Francia, Emanuele Macri, Matteo Mannarino, Livia Salvatorelli e Flavio Vallocchia, Michele Baldi, Giuseppe Rizzuto, Gabriele Sanfilippo, Matteo Bendinelli, Nicolò Salvetti e Jacopo Panfili.