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Monday, December 11, 2017

Looking for Walter: experiential learning project

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WALT PER SITO“Looking for Walter” is the first transmedia experiential learning project in Italy. 50 students, 10 teachers, 20 runners, 2 handmade dolls and 11.000 km to be run in 20 days, using the web and without spending a single euro. Why? To find the mysterious owner of the two toys – representing Walt Disney and his daughter, Diane – sharing creative artworks and educational contents in the real and in the digital world. Held from april to may 2013, “Looking for Walter” has joined two beautiful and picturesque small italian cities in a unique, transmedia storytelling experience. The project asked students to solve tricky enigmas and explore their country managing six different disciplines (literature and fiction, maths, art history, media studies, english and sciences) to succeed.

Human relationships, positive emotions, good skills and media activism has been be the crafts of the quest, shared online on the official website of the project. But time was short, the deadline so near, and an amazing guest (the real Diane Disney) was going to enter the scene, to receive the dolls and keep them with her in the wonderful museum created in honour of her father.


Where? At The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. The project was created by transmedia storyteller Max Giovagnoli, with Glenda Galliano (media designer) and Lorenzo Macchiaioli (video designer) and was partnered by the US Embassy in Italy, CartoonLombardia, The Walt Disney Museum, Istituto Europeo di Design-Roma, Regione Umbria and two high schools, “Alessandro Volta” of Perugia and “Francesco Petrarca” in Piacenza.

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